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8 Slot HDBaseT™ Modular Matrix Switcher Chassis (70m/230ft)


  • 8x8 Full HD Matrix switch

  • Class B HDBaseT technology for one-cable transmissions of 36bit Deep Color, Full 1080p HD video @60Hz, HD audio, bidirectional IR and routed serial control with low voltage Power-over-HDBaseT up to 70m/230ft*

  • Select from a range of digital and analog transmission cards, all configurable online for the easiest, most customizable matrix distribution system to date:
    • TX-POH-010 – HDBaseT Out, HDMI in, IR In
    • TX-POH-020 – HDBaseT Out, HDMI Passthru Source Loop Out (cascading), HDMI in, IR In
    • TX-POH-030 – HDBaseT Out, digital/analog Audio Out (mirrored), HDMI In, IR In
    • TX-POH-040 – HDBaseT Out, HDMI Out, Audio In, IR In
    • TX-POH-050 – HDBaseT Out, DVI In, IR In
    • TX-POH-060 – HDBaseT Out only, IR In
    • TX-POH-070 – HDBaseT Out, VGA + Stereo Audio In, IR In
    • TX-POH-080 – HDMI In only
    • TX-POH-090 – HDBaseT Out, YPbPr In + Stereo Audio In, IR In
    • TX-POH-100 – HDBaseT In, HDMI Out,RS232, IR In
    • TX-POH-110 – HDMI In, HDMI Passthru Source Loop Out (cascading), HDMI Out

  • Fully 3D compatible – Frame packing/sequential (Blu-Ray) and Interlaced Stereoscopic (satellite/cable broadcasts)

  • Routed RS232 allows serial control of all connected output devices

  • PoH – Power passed directly along Cat5e/6 cable up to 70m/230ft from the MX-PP-POH matrix to all connected PoH-enabled display receivers so no additional power is required at display location

  • Each matrix output can be cascaded up to 7 times for even larger distributions spanning 56 displays covering a transmission distance of up to 3.9Km/ 2.4mi

  • Matrices themselves can also cascaded up to 7 times (using HDMI Passthru source loop cards) for the quick and easy creation of very large arrays of up to 392 displays, covering vast distances up to 27.4Km/16.8mi – with each screen afforded routed control and powered remotely from the matrix

  • HDCP compliant with constant feed to prevent screen drop-outs

  • Reads and copies EDID from connected devices with additional EDID configuration through customizable DIP switch settings, if necessary

  • The same robust transmission technology as full HDBaseT that is far more resistant to electrostatic interference than conventional distribution

  • Fully compatible with all market leading third party control systems with full integration protocols available

  • Wide range, two-way discrete IR control between source and display and vice versa (30 KHz to 56 KHz frequency)

  • Choose from 5 methods of switching – infrared remote control, front panel buttons, local IR, IR call-back, and RS232

  • Simple switching remote control included, which can be learned into a universal remote handset to allow the control of multiple devices from one handset

  • Conforms to IEEE-568B standards

  • Compact 2U size

  • Additional infrared extension port for longer IR connections

  • Each c

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